What is RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery), and is it Safe?

RIRS refers to Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery, which is performed to remove the stones present in the kidney by reaching into the renal region passing from the ureter. The procedure is safe and uses the Fibre optic endoscope, which is used to view the renal stones and use the Holmium laser to remove the renal stones. 

Once the laser is broken off into small fragments, the stones are taken off from the renal through stone baskets. However, in some cases, the stents are used to push the kidney and improve further drainage. Further, the stones are crushed with the laser or blasted with the laser probe and then removed with the forceps. 

Before the patient undergoes the treatment for RIRS surgery in Chandigarh, he is provided general anesthesia to not experience any discomfort. After that, the endoscope is inserted into the patient’s body through the urethra and then to the kidney. 

The best part is there is no need for incision over the skin, and stones will be removed with minimal invasion. Moreover, the treatment effectively removes the stones within minimum time and has the fastest recovery. RIRS is also helpful in removing the large size and small size of renal stones. 

Patients don’t need to go for open surgery and have the fastest recovery. 

Best Suited for Patients who have undergone other Surgeries 

With upcoming advancements and technological developments, removing kidney stones becomes easier with the RIRS surgery in Chandigarh. This technology is very reliable and efficient in removing stones. Using this treatment helps to clear the stones completely without causing any discomfort and minimum invasion. 

Besides that, RIRS helps clear stones completely with the help of the lithotripters and ureterorenoscopy, including the holmium laser, which ensures that no traces of the stones are left in the kidney. Also, advanced equipment such as guide wires, stone baskets, and ureteral access sheath are helpful in supporting the RIRS surgery. 

It becomes the prime non-invasive surgical method to remove the renal stones that have a size nearby 2 cm. This non-invasive surgical treatment can be effective in cases like:

  • If the individual has gone to other stone renal removal surgery but failed 
  • Stones are significantly larger 
  • The patient is one treatment of anticoagulant 
  • The patient is a child 
  • The patient may have a bleeding disorder 
  • The patient is overweight or obese. 
  • The anatomy of the kidney is complex.

What Precaution Patient Need to Follow Who Has Undergone RIRS Surgery in Chandigarh? 

Once the stones are removed from the kidney, the catheter will be placed in the urethra, which helps in reducing the pain and trouble that occur to the patient during urination. The patient needs to rest for a few days and drink plenty of water and urinate at least 2.5 liters per day.

This not only helps in removing the crushed stones faster but also helps in avoiding any infection. However, if the patient is fine, they can be discharged the next day of the renal stone removal surgery. 

Advantage of RIRS Surgery in Chandigarh 

  • Minimal invasion and quick procedure 
  • Less painful and short recovery time 
  • Minimal bleeding and fewer complication 
  • Fastest recovery 

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